Andre Lee

Bachelor of Accountancy, Nanyang Technological University
Financial Services Manager

With over 19 years in the finance sector, Andre brings to iAscenders his wealth of knowledge and experience in various functions; ranging from Audit, Investment Advisory, Portfolio Management, Operations, to Sales & Marketing, and Training and Development etc.

Andre spent the first 10 years of his career in several organizations ranging from huge MNCs to SMEs in different countries across the world. He garnered exposure in working for a wide range of industries such as Finance, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Construction, and Education.

In 1998, Andre launched his investment career in the Finance industry with Phillip Securities - the first Singapore brokerage firm to provide an online platform for the trading of stocks and shares, as an investment analyst before moving on to fund management with a publicly-listed corporation. His portfolio comprised of a majority of listed companies in Asia Ex-Japan.

In 2002, he headed an internal audit team of an oil company, helping the MNC to ensure its business processes were done efficiently and effectively, spending three quarters of his time in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Bangladesh to streamline processes and minimize knowledge gaps.

From 2008, Andre has been partnered with iAscenders to help his clients manage their personal wealth portfolio and business risks. Andre firmly believes that one must be shapeless - formless, like water, taking the form it fills. With this as a guiding principle, Andre takes on the challenge of managing his clients funds, as well as leading and training his team. He hopes to become one of the main pillars of support for the organisation to get it ready for the times ahead.

Dawn Tay

B.Sc (Hons) Management, University of London
Wealth Manager

As a wealth manager, Dawn Tay specialises in wealth accumulation and management and serves a diverse range of clients including high-net-worth individuals. She possesses the prestigious titles of Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU).

Dawn is also one of the best performing financial consultants in not just iAscenders, but in the industry. She prides herself in her well-honed ability to apply financial planning techniques that will tailor the most appropriate financial plans for her clients. Dawn has excellent people management skills which are evident in her strong relationships with both her clients and staff. As a leader, she is able to motivate her team to realise their untapped potential and to serve clients to the best of their abilities. Dawn believes that being a financial consultant is synonymous with being a listener; she believes in listening closely to her clients’ concerns to identify their needs in order to provide the best advice.

Dawn also believes that being empathetic is crucial in becoming a successful financial consultant as the profession revolves around understanding the lives of people and putting their interests before the business’s. She espouses iAscenders' corporate philosophy of pursuing success by doing good for others. She strives to ensure that every individual receives proper and adequate financial planning regardless of their financial situation. She also aims to give every child a good education through optimal financial planning on their parents’ part.

As a wealth manager, one of Dawn’s objectives is to develop competent and compassionate financial consultants who will reach out to even more families to fulfill her ultimate goal of improving people’s lives with financial planning. She wants to lead iAscenders in a direction that strengthens the image and reputation of financial consultants through stringent recruitment criteria and a unique and systematic training approach. She also strives to cultivate team spirit by instilling, throughout the company, a clear vision of improving people’s lives.

Joseph Ng

Financial Services Manager

Joseph Ng is a financial services manager, a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). In his 22 years at iAscenders, he has constantly been one of the top performing financial professionals, qualifying for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and rising to the top 5% of financial professionals globally in his first year. Besides dedicating his time to charities and helping the less fortunate, Joseph also enjoys assisting others in achieving financial freedom while safeguarding their loved ones’ welfare and future. He attributes his success to his passion for people and his dedication to serve others and playing a central role in his clients’ lives.

Being one of the management associates at iAscenders, Joseph leads a team of financial consultants who also embrace his ideals. His coaching style and training programs are deeply-rooted in his genuine care and concern for others. He trains his team to pose right and precise questions to fully understand their clients’ needs, and to empower their clients to make the best decisions. He also imparts his technical knowledge to his team to ensure that they are skilled in risk and portfolio management. Besides being a mentor to new generations of financial consultants, Joseph plays a supportive role in which he provides career advice.

Joseph also seeks to instill his passion for people throughout iAscenders and strives to strengthen the reputation of the financial services industry with a company built on compassion and integrity.

Priscilla Lee

Financial Services Manager

Priscilla Lee is interested in building lasting relationships with her clients because she believes that such bonds are fundamental to the financial planning process. As a financial services manager, she constantly imparts her interpersonal skills to her team of highly driven financial consultants and coaches them to create strong relationships with their clients through trust, honesty and integrity. She trains them to maintain professionalism to ensure the continuity of quality services to clients.

Priscilla also believes that even the most ordinary financial consultant can achieve excellent results. As such, she sets goals and works closely with her team of financial consultants to ensure that they accomplish them with the most efficient and professional means.

Priscilla is actively involved in the development of iAscenders and strives to be a role model for all aspiring financial consultants.

Jeremiah Yeo

Financial Services Manager

Having joined the financial services industry in 1997, Jeremiah has had the privilege of working with various big corporations and MNCs around Singapore. Having been through and witnessing various changes in the life insurance industry, Jeremiah applies his acquired experience of consumerism and its volatile effects on local markets at iAscenders.

Jeremiah specializes in helping high net worth clients and group businesses manage their assets. Applying his expertise, he has increased growth for numerous accounts multifold. His expertise in business also extends to developing businesses, creating strategies for increase of cashflow, human resource welfare management, and of operating budget.

Besides his abundant experience in financial planning, Jeremiah is a strong speaker and engager, conducting regular trainings for his compatriots and seminars for his clients. Using his sought-after ideals on sales and motivation, he conducts trainings specialising in soft skills such as communications and interaction. Jeremiah also actively engages in speaking at company investment seminars, and other organized events.

Currently leading a team of financial professionals. Jeremiah is also in the midst of developing the next generation of wealth management professionals, attributing his management success to his hands-on, personal approach to coaching and motivation. Understanding the importance of mentoring for optimal results, Jeremiah develops different coaching strategies to suit each of his staff.

Jeremiah is adamant that his priorities lie in the well-being of his associates, over high efficiency and productivity. With this mantra, he has achieved much success.

Connie Toh

Financial Services Manager

Connie is passionate about investment portfolio design and management, risk management, retirement planning and financial planning in general. Having been in the profession for over 20 years, she possesses multiple prestigious titles, such as the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), and is also a part of the Life Underwriter Training Council (LUTCF).

Connie believes strongly in acquiring in-depth knowledge on all financial products and adopting a comprehensive approach when providing advice to clients. As such, numerous clients have benefited from her service. She ensures that her team of financial consultants is well-trained in this positive sales methodology and also encourages them to be disciplined and diligent, traits that are crucial in bringing the most ideal services to clients.

As a financial services manager, Connie has also been actively involved in the development of iAscenders through recruitment seminars, client appreciation events and training courses. She understands the importance of teamwork and synergy and strives to create a strongly bonded work environment where individuals are equally important to the success of the company regardless of their experience or background.

Chew Chuan Lee

B.A Economics, National University of Singapore
Financial Services Manager

Chew Chuan Lee joined the financial industry in 1992 as a financial consultant from which he progressed to a management position. His expertise lies in the development and implementation of training programs and strategies. As a financial services manager, he also works closely with his team of financial consultants by guiding them in people management and in building strong relationships with clients.

Chuan Lee believes that being able to manage priorities well is the key to maximising the limited time each individual has. As such, he encourages his team to have strong priority management in order to dedicate sufficient time to serving their clients. He also believes that knowledge is power; he prioritises and demonstrates this belief through active learning and constantly empowers himself with the continuous pursuit of knowledge. He also nurtures his team by sharing his knowledge and experience while keeping abreast with new developments and trends in the financial industry.

Chuan Lee also specialises in the implementation of new strategic initiatives that support the growth direction of iAscenders.

B.Sc Applied Mathematics and Statistics, National University of Singapore
Financial Services Supervisor

Tay Kah Woon has been in the business for over 6 years. As one of the youngest managing associates, he has gone above and beyond expectations, winning multiple prestigious awards in the financial services industry. Specializing in the field of leading and training by example, he has taken up multiple key roles in the company, such as overseeing internship programs, to conducting communications courses for new financial employees. He additionally works closely with NTU and NUS to educate undergraduates in both career development, and financial literacy.

As an expert in all things social, his biggest strength lies in networking and communications. The true essence of his charisma lies in his insouciant ability to interact with people with both confidence and ease. Whether training staff, or dealing with clients, he prides himself on executing methodical situational awareness. Even so, he recognizes the importance of building a balanced dynamic of how to strike a balance between work and recreation in conversation, in order to build the most rapport to gain trust.

A strong believer in “doing well by doing good”, it is his personal belief that transparency and integrity are key in both business, and inter-relations. Regularly volunteering in charity drives, he holds his commitment to working with the elderly and disabled close to the heart.

Playing an integral role in the growth of the iAscenders, he aims to create a strong and steadfast community by implementing structures based on consistency and diligence, all while centred on his ideals of unrequited succor and cooperation.

Raymond Teo

Financial Services Manager

Raymond Teo heads a team of professionals, grooming them and training them comprehensively in the fast-moving industry of financial services. He specializes in client acquisition, and building professional platforms and tools for it, training his team to fully utilize them. For Raymond, communication and social dynamics is key when interacting with clients, and he expressively imparts these skills to his team.

Raymond has a strong professional belief that anyone with determination to succeed, will do so. He also has a personal conviction that all instances have a reason to occur, regardless of the circumstance.

As a financial services manager, he ensures that his fast-expanding team retains a competitive edge in the industry by implementing regular specialized trainings. Raymond also actively involves himself with the development of iAscenders through running and conducting events such as recruitment programs and seminars while ensuring that company synergy remains a priority.

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