Steven Toh

Deputy Director

With over two decades of experience, Mr Toh is no stranger to the financial services game. Joining the industry as a financial consultant in 1990, Mr Toh has gained experience throughout the entire spectrum of the business.

As deputy director of iAscenders, Mr Toh oversees all company activity management, from operations to creating channels for front-end sales. Engaging in strategic planning, he is able to ensure that infrastructures in place in iAscenders keep running by using his key strengths; observing, identifying issues, and consulting to find solutions.

Mr Toh’s role in iAscenders also encompasses innovation – implementing and conceptualizing various ideas ranging from mobile productivity reports to even internal activities and schemes, he ensures that production is measurable and seeable, and employees are kept motivated and on their toes.

Investing in managing iAscenders’ manpower; training and coaching staff on reaching out, and sharing his knowledge in product specialization for protection policies, Mr Toh gets professional satisfaction from the success of his employees.

Goh Ee Fann

M.Sc Management, Stanford University
Financial Services Director/Executive Director

As head of business development, iAscenders is the brainchild of Mr Goh. As a result of his 15-year career in the financial services industries, Mr Goh has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in finance, business strategy, and operations, allowing him to face challenges and complex issues in corporations in stride.

With his senior executive-level experience in business and commerce, he specializes in implementing structural plans into the company. Taking on an analytic approach, Mr Goh has conceived many workflow-productivity programs for multiple departments. From new HR structures, to redesigning the iAscenders corporate culture, he develops and applies product-info symmetry business development models heavily centred on communications and market development, envisioning iAscenders to become one of the leading, most progressive and modern financial services agencies in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

As an advocate of change and progress, Mr Goh believes that now, in the digital age of the internet, trend-setting towards developing into a company-of-the-future is vital for success. His high hopes for the company’s rising potential sets the standard for adopting consumer-centric practices, all while holding true to his philosophy of giving back to society.

Lam Wai Kee

B.Sc Economics (Hons), University of London
Financial Services Director

Having served in the industry for over 25 years, Mr Lam has nurtured and mentored dozens of individuals who have gone on to become successful financial professionals – many of whom are internationally recognized as top 0.3% in the industry (MDRT accredited). His strength lies in coaching, and rallying people towards projects and goals.

Amidst a competitive, volatile industry with high regulations, Mr Lam gives concise, creative, and relevant insights in regards to business operations, marketing, and sales endeavours and challenges, all while maintaining a positive and supportive approach.

With his belief that people have the capacity for limitless potential, and all it would take is the right desire to succeed, Mr Lam invests himself heavily in the training and recruitment departments, instilling a strong knowledge-base of investments and products in staff, while adhering to his strict ethical standards.

Mr Lam’s ambitions for iAscenders shift towards the development of both personal and professional growth of its staff, and cultivating a decision-making culture, by conceptualizing the most efficient methods to attract and retain staff.

Connie Lim

Chief Financial Officer

Joining the company in 1990, Ms Lim applies her knowledge gained from her experience working in the trade and shipping industry in Singapore, where she undertook roles of office management, international trade documentation, and company finance and accounts.

Having been in an industry where efficient logistics are crucial, Ms Lim currently oversees all major financial decisions of iAscenders, from managing corporate budgets to optimizing operating budgets. Her strong business acumen ensures that negotiations are favorable, and costs are kept advantageous.

Ms Lim also actively involves herself in overall management of the company, focusing on corporate communication. Facilitating communication between multiple stakeholders, management, staff, and contractors, she ensures processes are streamlined to achieve a shared goal of fast progress.

Knowing everything and the financial service industries’ ins and outs, and the most efficient methods to get through workflow processes, Ms Lim is also an acting advisor to the iAscenders staff in regards to financial policies, regulations, and cases.

She also takes a strong stand that business and practices should be conducted with good ethics practices and fair dealings. With that belief, Ms Lim works towards the goal that recruitment, activity and productivity levels would remain steadfast, if not increase.

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